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Dear JV Partner,

Welcome to the JV page for I just want to personally thank you for taking your time to check out this opportunity and hope to have you onboard.

For those of you who don't know me, here's a little info about myself. My name is Raam Anand and I'm a serious Internet entrepreneur. I've been involved with the internet since 2001, mainly doing web design for friends, before I began marketing online in 2004.

During the last 4+ years, I've launched various, highly-successful products, software and websites.

During the last 2 years, I've focused mainly on building a HUGE development center in India and today, we have 52 full-time professionals working in my 2 office premises.

Shortly, we will be 100+ strong! Sales Funnel


What's The Offer? About Services:

BrandGoLive, as the name suggests is a SERVICE with three primary objectives...

  • Bring REAL Visitors to your clients' websites
  • Build Social Media Properties on Top Networks
  • Help them BOOST their Rankings, Link Popularity and Credibility

Each client you refer is assigned to a team of specialists who will work to achieve all the three objectives.


How Much Will I Earn?

Remember, when you signup for this affilaite program, your affiliate ID will be embedded to all our future promotion across all our domains, selling various products and services. In other words, signup once and you will be able to sell all of our services. Not only that, when we send out offers to our lists, your affiliate ID will be embedded automatically.

Here's a brief summary of how much this means to you:-

Why Promote 'BrandGoLive'?

Good question.... I'd ask the same question to anyone who approached me with a JV offer (I get at least 5 JV offers every week!). I wouldn't promote anything unless I get convinced that the product/service sells AND it is good for my members.

Let me explain... Here are 8 solid reasons to promote:-

(a) Targeted Offer: Our services is perfectly targeted toward people who own commercial websites. It's quite obvious that every serious website owner/marketer needs REAL people visiting their websites. The service help them by claiming their names and brand names on top social media networks by building their FULL profiles that includes photos, bio and of course, precious "one-way" backlinks to their primary websites.

(b) High Credibility: This is not just an eBook offered by an inexperienced newbie. I've been marketing for more than 5 years and I have built a good reputation in the market. All this adds up to a very large extent in building up the "trust". So, you'll be offering your members, an incredible offer from a credible and highly reliable entrepreneur.

(c) High Payouts: It's often easier to sell a $400 item than selling twenty $20 items. Essentially, it requires the same effort in persuading people to take out their wallets. By promoting "BrandGoLive" services, you get paid up to $160 on every sale you refer. But that's not all. We have multiple SERVICES across various domains that we promote to your referrals and most of these programs pay monthly recurring commissions. Refer once, and get paid every month, as long as the client stay with us. We know what kind of work you do to drive traffic and make sales. That's why you deserve that much commission on every sale.

(d) Passive Income: This affiliate program is built to ensure that you get PASSIVE income every month. Now, many marketers have figured out that predictable and recurring income separates the winners from the losers. You refer once, get paid immediately for "BrandGoLive" service.... we then promote other services and YOU get paid again and again, each and every month, as long as the clients stay with us.

(e) High Perceived Value: Service has more perceived value. Selling service over the Internet is lot more easier than selling other products. Besides, virtually hiring/outsourcing a "Team" is an amazing service that saves your prospects weeks of time and tons of effort. The VALUE that your prospects get is much higher than the monthly fee they pay. So, promotion is easier.

(f) Real-time Stats: Our affiliate program is tracked by iDevAffiliate's latest tracking architecture. Every click is tracked and you get real-time stats anytime. You can even "code" your ads and measure the results. You get a separate, password-protected "affiliate area".

(g) We Are Responsible: We are not on long vacations throughout the year. We are always here to answer your questions and assist customers in making the most out of their virtual teams. All emails will be answered within 12 hours -- and that's our commitment. Customers can also use our Support Helpdesk and Knowledgebase.

(h) Committed to YOUR Success: After you signup for our affiliate program, you get "proven" sales material, banners, links, giveaways etc. We are adding additional marketing resources and promotional material to our website regularly to make your work smooth and fast.

We offer various services, upsells, cross-sells across several domains to members you refer. When they signup for ANY of our services, you will get paid! Your affiliate ID will be embedded for all future promotions!


High Ticket Vs. Low Ticket

The promotional efforts that you put on promoting a $49 product is almost always equal to sell a $1000 product. More than the price of the product or service your are trying to sell, the VALUE your prospects are getting is important.

Of course, there are several great low-ticket products but many are just re-hashed versions of earlier publications. By recommending low-priced but 'low-quality' products and services, you will lose YOUR trust and credibility amongst your members. Think of your prospects are your 'long-term' associates. Give them value, take good care of them, think on behalf of them and recommend them only the best products or services and they will become your staunch followers.

Some marketers also believe that they cannot recommend high-ticket products or services to their members and that's exactly the reason why they aren't getting fat commission checks. Forget about the price.... focus on the VALUE in your proposition. More the value = higher the price = greater the returns for your members = fatter commission checks for you. By showing your members something that they badly WANT, you will also become an authority-figure -- that's an added BONUS for you.

A Service Package for all Website Owners

I've put years of effort in setting up this "development center". I have personally trained tens of professionals in creating content, strategic submissions, forum marketing, blog marketing, article marketing, video marketing, web 2.0/3.0 concepts and so on. Our services is targeted towards all marketers who own commercial websites (not just Internet Marketers). Again, you gain!

Copy That Converts

You will sending your prized members to a website that is already tested, tweaked and proven. I don't want to waste your time and efforts on some 'unknown' offers. This is not a one-time launch because, being a labor-intensive SERVICE that requires raw man-power, I cannot accept an unlimited number of clients. I prefer to work with fewer 'motivated' and 'trained' JV Partners than allowing everyone and their dogs on the Internet to promote our services. The copy is tested... so you can be sure that it converts. Further, I've also setup a series of AR messages for maximum conversions. Of course, you will be credited for the sale.

Next Steps for Fat Commission Checks

Step #1: It's easy and simple. Click Here To Signup As JV Partner. You'll be signing up for our "enterprise" affiliate program. This program enables you to refer multiple offers across several of our domains with one affiliate account.

Step #2: Get proven marketing material inside the EXCLUSIVE BrandGoLive "affiliate area".

I hope you will be a part of this BIG JV.

To Your Success,

Raam Anand
Direct Email: raam (at)

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